Thursday, March 24, 2016

Running and running shoes on

Better damping shoes sole Bohou moderate. Prepare a set of appropriate equipment is essential homework before running. It is very simple, basic casual wear pants jacket, not too tight, not too loose fit properly and good air permeability. Ordinary cheap jordans for sale shoes need to reduce the performance and wraps the support to the ankle, do not wear too thin or too thick at the bottom of cheap jordan shoes. The bottom is too thin shoes may cause chronic injuries to the knee, the base is too heavy and running will turn do not fit.
Before dinner is the best time to run. The best running before, if after running, at least one hour after a meal, otherwise it will affect the digestion, cause stomach discomfort, and even cause gastroptosis. In addition, the best choice of running in the morning or evening, hot days is not recommended at noon run, the evening is a good time to run. Many people are too busy to go to work in the morning. It is difficult to take a fixed time to run. Temperatures at night than during the day and cool a lot of, low UV, work after dinner before running for 30 minutes to an hour, with the sweat out, a busy day, fatigue swept away. Running easily perspire, half an hour to run down, often sweating, which requires running after must as soon as possible a large number of replenishment and summer running try to carry water. In addition, the legs may feel sore after running. This is because the muscles after the exercise appeared a slight tear, so you must give the body to add some food. ---from google

Nike Air Force 1 full color appreciation

    For so many years to Nike Air Force Ones Series released products can be described as a lot. Then what are what nike air force one, all color can be regarded as a classic work?? Follow Xiaobian perspective to look at Xiaobian mind Nike Air Force 1 all color classic.
Believe that you will like the air force 1, you will not forget the most classic white style bar, this can be said to be recognized classic color, as shown above, the shoe body in the whole white color based on the improved red line version. Swoosh LOGO is generally white, but not the same as with red Mizobe, showing its own characteristics. Heel and tongue, shoe buckle and air words are also used red, such combination make the shoes look quite brisk, which also in a certain extent avoid white air force, easy to hit the color of embarrassment.
Black air force one, not surprising, strange place is this pair of shoes in the all black nike shoes logo, joined the seemingly complicated elements, in fact, this is integrated into the national wind stitching design, collocation inside green as contrast. A pair of sports shoes is a fusion of ethnic element, such cross-border collocation is not think it is an wonderful?? in addition, heel of the unique identifiers can also be become you the exclusive symbol.
This AF1 version is not looking at is not like it? This is the Cheap Air Force 1 Duckboot. In the original high help on the basis of shoes, nike shoes by the leather material, and leather, the choice of colors is also very particular about, cream colored collocation light brown. You can see shoe body of case grain texture. Orange shoe added to the overall dark tone with a little light effect. Perhaps you do not necessarily agree that this is a good color, but can not be denied that this is indeed a special match.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cheap Foamposites For Sale - Air Foamposite One Penny Hardaway Shoes

The 1997 NBA playoffs, was still the eastern alliance can dominate the party's Orlando magic guard cheap foamposites for sale inadvertently, put on a pair of very eye-catching shoes. This pair of shoes is blue with magic clothes Xiang Huiying. In 1997 Jordan back a distance of only one season in the basketball world, Jordan launched 2 years, Nike Qiao Danxie sales were greatly reduced, although Jordan was still playing in the NBA, but with the age growing, retired time has become more and more close, forcing Nike to prepare for a rainy day for Jordan successor, perhaps won the championship the successor cannot one after another, but its appeal but not less than Jordan. Such skills are highly popular and Penny Hardaway at the time became the best candidate. At the same time in the Jordan take-off with Nike for many years, Nike kept his best cheap jordans for sale technology makes Jordan step-by-step climb a peak, so Penny's feet appeared this pair of Air Foamposite one, 3 years later, the same shox is the latest technology to the appearance was passed in Vince Carter's feet. Is at the peak of his time in the 97 year of penny, and it is by his peak, to win a new page in nike.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cheap Foamposites For Sale - Nike Air Pippen I

Nike Air Pippen I, probably in a few dual pricing than Cheap Air Jordan Shoes also high style, never forget to read the Pippen in the NBA column in reference to his upcoming first signature text excitement, it is a picture with information are still in the majority of time magazine, Internet only occasionally playing B or on the Ming Daily ( hang ), Star Craft and doom is at most a dormitory area network connection to the stem, and I can't forget is that I live in dormitory was stolen, I don't see the watch, while the roommate not a pair of Air Pippen I.
Air Pippen I in shoe fan friends there exists an ( interesting ) topic, this is a dual player version of the structure with commercially available version appeared significantly different shoes, but also from the later found that people to Scottie Pippen on shoes picky, then came Scottie in the final turn head to refuse foamposites for cheap endorsement of the reason is because the shoes are too heavy, but I didn't think later introduced in this pair of Air Pippen I not to go, SZ9 retro sample a 550G, this is almost the weight of ZL4, Pippen wore player version is replaced by Zoom Air Max Air House version, he was in the championship battle with his Michael Jordan fought off wearing that pair, did not think of in More Uptempo ( AIR ), Max Uptempo III ( water shoes ), Pippen is almost never pass through Max Air shoes, even if is only followed by cheap foamposites Max Air Pippen 4 is the same a special version of the Air Pippen Vis-Zoom to wear.